The COMPASS initiative has an ambition to solve current challenges concerning well integrity and corrosion resistance when drilling into hot settings, which will aid sustainable exploitation of geothermal energy. Improved well design would unlock the huge potential from super-hot resources. COMPASS will by that contribute to reducing levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and lower footprint of geothermal projects.  


 Sustainability and circularity of geothermal wells

COMPASS will go beyond the state of the art by providing novel well completion technologies and research-based knowledge to bridge the current knowledge gap in geothermal well construction.

Thermal stress mitigation solutions

In COMPASS, novel foam cement solutions will be developed to increase the flexibility in the well systems, thereby mitigating the thermal stresses in the casing.

Corrosion mitigation solutions

Cost-efficient cladding solutions will be developed for corrosion mitigation in geothermal wells.

Optimal design and evaluation of sustainable geothermal wells

Integrated well simulations, cost & LCA tools and decision-support system will be developed to ensure efficient and flexible design and simulation of geothermal wells.